Lori's fitness philosophy

Born and raised in Southern California she has always been movement inspired, creatively driven, and spiritually drawn in by the natural energies of the oceans and mountains along the California coastline.  As an athlete all her life, professional dancer/choreographer and former vocalist, swimmer, skier, equestrian rider and musician, Lori’s movement background is extensive. With over 20 years of movement analysis, Lori brings a unique perspective to the training experience.

Lori is a passionate movement educator and believes each of us deserves to feel good in our bodies, especially through the aging process.  Her hope is that the aging process will not be an acceptance of diminishing ability, but an unveiling of the possible freedoms ones body can recapture. While trying to establish the best biomechanics possible we are on an advancing journey forward to fewer restrictions.

Like in nature, learning the importance of balance in ones life is key for longevity and well being. Peeling away the self-imposed or societal weights on ones spirit is important. Movement has a healing property and finding grace and fluidity in the body is finding balance and is how we were designed to move.

Lori holds a BFA in Ballet from Texas Christian University, with special performing opportunities at the ACDF across Europe, and later went on to perform professionally. Lori moved to Kansas in 1991 and started the Wichita School of Performing Arts. Lori felt her dance students needed a system of strength training to promote better alignment, so she sought out certification in Joseph Pilates Mat training and added it to the Ballet experience of her dancers. Certified in Pilates, Yamuna Body Rolling, GYROTONIC® and  GYROKINESIS®, her business is beginning its 24th season of Dance and movement education.